Our Team

This distinguished group combines to cover our historical past, present and future. Heritage provides the expertise of our Senior Consultants, and our vast network of individuals specializing in an array of topics to benefit your project. This is the uniqueness of The Heritage Consulting Group.


Heritage is dedicated to assisting our clients in producing and marketing the best in media products. All the while, assuring historical accuracy. We can be of unmatched assistance to anyone involved in producing films, documentaries, television, and video gaming. 


Unmatched Credibility

The Senior Consultants who comprise The Heritage Consulting Group possess decades of experience in research and academic training. All associates are noted scholars and teachers and, amongst them, have received a wide spectrum of awards and honors.

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The Heritage Consulting Group

Heritage Senior Consultant Dr David Oshinsky
discussing the history of polio in the US

The Heritage Consulting Group

Dr Kenneth Pomeranz, 2013 AHA President & Heritage Senior Consultant. Interview at the Jan. 2014 AHA American Historical Association annual meeting

Heritage's specialists will work with you through the post-production period and assist in the marketing of each project!

We work with you to customize our services to fit those of each individual production.